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Salt Power Gun Salt Gun Toy Gun Mosquito Killer Fly Gun - Yellow/Black

$79.95 $119.95

Introducing the Salt Power Gun - a lightweight, durable and accurate toy gun that is sure to give your family hours of bug-busting entertainment! Non-toxic, battery-free and designed with a precision salt-holder, this toy gun uses ordinary table salt as ammunition to easily swat away common houseflies, mosquitos, pests/poisonous spiders, and more! Are you ready to shoot away your bug woes?

Eliminate bothersome bugs with the Salt Power Gun - the ideal outdoor buddy for backyard barbecues, camping excursions, picnics, and all of your other outdoor activities. This device shoots out a blast of table salt, rapidly clearing away unwanted insects without any hazardous chemicals or gummy residues. The Salt Power Gun isn't just effective but also a blast to use.

Featuring an elegant design and straight-forward trigger, this toy gun is as fashionable as it is useful. Forget the smelly chemical bug sprays and upgrade to the Salt Power Gun to enjoy a fun, dependable, and environment-friendly method of maintaining your  areas insect-free. Whether you're cooking burgers in the backyard or eating a picnic at the park, the Salt Power Gun is the perfect companion.

Check out the popular Salt Power Gun to effectively reduce the number of bothersome insects in your environment.

    • Non-toxic, no batteries required, and uses ordinary table salt as ammo
    • Sleek design for easy handling
    • Trigger mechanism is ultra-light, but keep away from children, pets, & idiots
    • Barrel lifted with partridge sight for precise targeting
    • Durable salt holder makes tactical reloads easy
    • Recommended for soft-bodied insects such as houseflies, mosquitos, spiders, and more
    • For responsible users only. Do not shoot at pets, butterflies, or humans
    • Material: 
  • Environmentally-friendly ABS plastic - just add table salt
  • Size: 57cm x 19.7cm x 6.7cm
  • Effective range: 1m
  • Applicable age: Adults and adult-supervision for under 18y/o advised
  • Weight: 1.25kg

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