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A Little Bit Of Soul (DVD, 2005)

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Product Information:

In love, science and politics, anything is possible if you're willing to give up... A Little Bit of Soul. Richard (David Wenham) and Kate (Frances O'Connor) are former lovers who are now working independently to find the secret of the ageing process. Both apply for funding from the Michael Foundation, and are asked to spend the weekend discussing the proposals with the Head of the Foundation, who happens to be married to the Australian Treasurer. They have a very interesting weekend.

Product Identifiers:

APN 9317731023231
Title A Little Bit Of Soul
Format DVD
Product Release Date 09/02/2005

Key Features:

Theatrical Release Year 1997
Number of Discs 1
Actors David Wenham, Frances O'Connor, Geoffrey Rush, Heather Mitchell, John Gaden
Directors Peter Duncan
Rating M
Language English
Run Time 64 minutes

Theatrical Information:

Primary Genre Comedy
Studio Sony Pictures