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18K Gold Plated Sloth Animal Pendant Necklace


18K Gold Plated Sloth Animal Pendant Necklace


Ah, sloths. They lie around, eat all day and do very little else - typical delinquents of the animal world! Yet no one got to this position by doing nothing; they are simply wiser than any other hoofed mammal in the rainforest when it comes to survival... so maybe we can't judge them too harshly?

What better way to represent your love for these misunderstood creatures than a cool piece of jewellery with an animal sloth pendant on a 45cm link chain.

Great wear for holidays and gift-giving. Perfect for sloth lovers. 


  • Plating: 18K gold plated (tin alloy base material)
  • Design: Sloth
  • Length: 45cm
  • Chain Type: Link chain
  • Necklace Type: Pendant necklace

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