How Portmans Deliver Classic Styles for Confident and Smart Women

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For every game-changer out there is an ensemble that identifies with their strength and vision – this is what Portmans stands for. For more than 70 years, Portmans has provided an elegant, classic style to cosmopolitan women who are intent on taking the world. It reflects the uniqueness of an urban woman; smart, sophisticated, and confident.

Classic style for confident, smart, and sophisticated urban woman.

Source: Portmans

It became the go-to brand for the classic style of clothing for women. Women can enjoy classic ladies’ wear ranging from accessories, formal dresses, office attire, casual wear to jackets. How did it manage to stay on top of the game after all these years? Learn what the customers say about this brand. 

Stylish and Versatile

Portmans has a fantastic line of work outfits that manage to be trendy, feminine, and chic at the same time. Its pieces don't favour too much embellishment that makes it easy to transform into stylish coordinates for any occasion beyond your office walls.

Durable and long-lasting

Portmans not only offers the highest quality in its style and appearance but also in its ability to last well for years. Their clothing is made of durable and comfortable material that you can wash and wear for years if cared for properly.


Portmans cover both classic ranges such as business wear in gorgeous styles that you can wear for years as well as fun, fusion items to update your look.

Worth every penny

With durable, timeless, and versatile quality, the Portmans’ elegant and classic style is worth the investment. You can trust that the Portman is worth your money with its ultimate outfit solutions great tailoring and versatile pieces topped off with stylish accessories.

Source: Portmans

Portmans was first established in Melbourne in the 1940s and has stores all over Australia and New Zealand. It was acquired by Just Group in June 2002 and has been known since as one of Australia's premier Fashion Retail brands for young women. In fact, it was named by the Ragtrader Magazine as Retail Chain of the Year (more than 20 stores) in 2006.

It has proudly supported and recruited Australian talents such as Georgia Fowler, Alison Brahe, Miranda Kerr, Elyse Taylor, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Jess Hart to represent its brand and mission. Its classy, timeless style aims to support the confidence and strength of a woman that strives to be on top of their game. 

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