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Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder & Foundation Primer Bundle


Combo Pack: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Finish Powder and Foundation Primer of Your Choice, 1 set = 2 pieces

The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Finish Powder, full size 29g

✔  Suitable for a range of skin tones

✔  Non-comedogenic oil-free fixing powder

✔  Has a silky texture that allows smooth, even application

✔  Lightweight character means that it sits on top of fine lines, subtly softening these.

✔ Please note: This product may have a slightly damaged box and/or a slightly loose seal with powder loose in the bottle. 

Match with:

The Foundation ORIGINAL Primer, full-size 50ml

✔  Prepares for and perfects a smooth, even surface for flawless makeup application

✔  Helps makeup glide on easily and last longer, making your look stay fresh and colour-true for hours.

✔  Water-based includes a minimal concentration of the lightest silicones. Please note:

✔  This product may have a slightly damaged box.

OIL-FREE Foundation Primer, full-size 50ml

✔ The perfect primer specifically for oily skin

✔ The expert for oilier, overactive skins and customers who prefer a less emollient texture

✔ Ideal for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types

✔ Helps mattify and control oil

✔ Please note: This product may have a slightly damaged box.

RADIANCE Foundation Primer, full-size 50ml

✔ Pearl tint is ideal for light to medium skin tones

✔ A brightening base that gives a radiant finish, with sheer coverage

✔ Pulls off a more glowing complexion - dewy skin that doesn’t look oily

✔ Tones down the pores, fine lines and redness

✔ Water-based feels fresh, lightweight and hydrated in the process due to the high water-content, cooling water-based gel content

✔ Helps foundation glide on better, smoother and stay on much longer without creasing

✔ Please note: This product may have a slightly damaged box.

HYDRATING Foundation Primer, full-size 50ml

✔  Ideal for drier skins, this hydrating formula nourishes with moisture-rich vitamins to soothe and condition

✔ A lightweight, creamy gel that creates an invisible barrier between skin and makeup to prime your face for colour

✔ Allows application of foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh, keeping colour true for hours

✔ Contains antioxidants vitamins A, C and E and gives off hydrating properties because of glycerin and hyaluronic acid

✔ Dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic

✔ Please note: This product may have a slightly damaged box.

MINERAL Foundation Primer, full size 50ml

✔  Achieve a smoother, more even application of Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer - Mineral formulas

✔  Its cutting-edge, liquid to powder formula offers a good-for-you blend of vitamins and minerals to visibly improve the appearance of skin

✔ The ultra-silky, weightless finish invisibly shields the skin while helping makeup stay fresh and colour-true throughout the day.

✔  A lightweight, creamy gel that visibly minimizes the appearance of imperfections

✔  This liquid to powder formula forms and even invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements. Expertly holding foundation, visibly skin smoothing. Works for all skin types

✔ Please note: This product may have a slightly damaged box.

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