Cards Against Humanity Australia: The Ultimate Party Game for Horrible People

Cards Against Humanity Australia: The Ultimate Party Game for Horrible People

If you're looking for a party game that will keep your guests entertained and laughing all night long, then look no further than the Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition. Originally launched on Kickstarter in 2011, this game has become a cultural phenomenon, with multiple expansion packs and regional variations. 

What makes the Cards Against Humanity party game so fun is the community experience it provides. Everyone likes to be a little naughty, and the jokes on the various cards encourage this behaviour.

With the Cards Against Humanity Australian edition, you’ll receive 550 cards fewer American jokes included from the original American edition. Adding the original six expansion packs to the initial game ensures more variety, laughter, and fun every time you have a social gathering.

Why Do People Like Cards Against Humanity party games?

Critics may argue that Cards Against Humanity is toxic and judgmental, but fans of the game would argue that it's all in good fun. The game encourages players to push boundaries and explore taboo topics, providing a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.

What Is the Purpose of the Cards Against Humanity card game?

Cards Against Humanity is an icebreaker game that is definitely not safe for work or children. The game is designed to encourage players to discuss taboo topics in a humorous and lighthearted way. Players are tasked with pairing the best answer to the question card presented in each round, and can be as provocative or clever as they like.

One of the great things about Cards Against Humanity is that it comes with blank cards that allow you to create your own custom questions and answers. And with 15% of the Australian edition containing culturally specific cards, you're guaranteed to have a unique and memorable experience every time you play.

Is Cards Against Humanity AU an Appropriate Gift?

While Cards Against Humanity may not be everyone's cup of tea, it makes for a hilarious and memorable gift for those with a sense of humour. Just be aware that some people may find the game offensive, so it's best to know your audience before gifting it.

You’ll find several other gifts in numerous categories on 1000 Things to compliment Cards Against Humanity. Don’t forget that every purchase helps you plant a tree, buy a bale, or save a koala!

Cards Against Humanity AU FAQs

Is there an Australian version of Cards Against Humanity?

Yes, Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition is an adaptation of the original American version with 15% of the cards adapted for the Aussie culture.

How many versions of Cards Against Humanity are there?

There are over 23 publications of Cards Against Humanity worldwide, including six different expansion packs, nine themes, and various accessories.

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